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Games already released with Denuvo (Denuvo Games List)

All games published by Square ENIX, WB, BETHESDA,SEGA,UBISOFT EA, DEEP SILVER has Denuvo, The only ones who dont use it(at least not yet) are Namco Focus Rebelion 2K Evryone else is using. That means that in the near future as things are now the only big games that will not use it are Resident evil 7 Mafia 3 Sniper Elite 4 Tekken 7 The Surge . And that might change because who knows if 2K and capcom decide to use denuvo until their next games releases. Very bad news guys very bad!!

Mad Max
Metal gear 5
Fifa 16
Just cause 3
Rise of the tomb raider
Far cry primal
Mirror edge catalyst
Homefront the revolution
Mighty No 9
Deus ex mankind divided
Battlefield 1
Titanfall 2
Mass Effect Andromeda
Dishonored 2
Watch Dogs 2
Ghostrecon wildlands
For Honor
Assasin Creed(2017)
Injustice 2

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