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Killing Floor 2 - PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

 PC Reviews for first-person shooter game Killing Floor 2. Rating: 80/100

80 / Hookedgamers
Killing Floor 2, for better or worse, is much like its predecessor. The strong gameplay system is elevated by both its visuals and audio, with the guns being a particular highlight. There are some kinks to be ironed out here and there, but at the end of the day, Killing Floor 2 is a satisfying cooperative shooter that is so simple, so easy to play, that it’s difficult to not come back for more.
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82 / PC Games
Killing Floor 2 is a pleasant surprise. Tripwire manages to get the fundamentals so, so right. Fighting zeds is a pleasure thanks to guns that are satisfying to use. If there is anything wrong with Killing Floor 2's dumb, yet addicting co-op fun, it's that there simply isn't enough variation, both in terms enemy types as well as game modes.

78 / Inthegame
Killing Floor 2 is fine follow up from the orininal game featuring more blood and gore.


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