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Nov 29, 2016

Watch Dogs 2 PC - Pros & Cons

Our Rating: 82/100

+Drones are incredibly fun and useful. The quadcopter should be your first purchase (second purchase after pants).Some missions can be completed entirely with the RC Jumper, it makes for more dynamic ways to take on missions.
+Fun new skills like hacking vehicles and calling gangs/cops on people.
+Co-op is great fun, you can team up and complete co-op missions, hacking events or just run around collecting moneybags/research points.
+I love the atmosphere, San Francisco looks incredible (even better on PC). Not to mention you can use the slides at Goo-uh, Nudle.
+Driving. I’m throwing driving up here, I’ve had no problems with it. Engine Override (boost) skill is great too.
+Very lenient achievements/trophies, was able to platinum it in no time at all (And I’ve only managed to platinum one other game).
+Story was definitely a step up from watch dogs and had a much brighter tone to it. It does get slow at times.


-The alert system is WTF: You can sneak around but the moment one guard (or dog) sees you, everyone will INSTANTLY be alerted of your whereabouts, even if you take them out a microsecond after they notice you. I assume the guards must press a button to alert everyone but the dogs!?
-The dialogue can get VERY cringe worthy at times. Some of the witty banter just comes off as awkward.
-Unfortunately missions can’t be replayed (aside from co-op ones). And, like in GTA V, many restricted interiors become inaccessible after a certain mission.
-The streets felt empty at times (on ps4 at least).
-No Steam achievements, only UPlay.


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