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Why I Love Another World

My favourite game ever is Another World. I still remember the first time I played the game; I was obsessed with the introduction. I spent weeks just looking through the first few minutes of it. I was familiar with rotoscoped animations before, but to me this was just perfect. Another World is timeless – you can play it today and it will still look beautiful.

That was the first game that made me question how video games are made. The further I got through it, the more I was convinced that it was a masterpiece. I always thought that [director] √Čric Chahi had such a clear vision, but then 20 years later I discovered that he had no idea! He was literally making it scene-by-scene; he didn’t even know how it was going to end. That’s why it's such a hardcore game. But it was a very clear example to me that I wanted to make games. This is exactly what I wanted to make, and maybe that’s why Deadlight is so heavily inspired by Another World.


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